Function 001 - Methylene Blue

Show notes by Tom

Photo from, supplier of Methylene Blue


Turns out methylene blue is not blue because of copper. The formula is:

There are people self-medicating with it. I am not in favor of this. Shelf life claims for methylene blue range from 4 months to "indefinite if stored properly." 1.3 mg/liter is EPA copper drinking water limit. The taste threshold for copper in water is between 2.4 and 3.8mg/liter, depending on the type of water. Source: Determination of the taste threshold of copper in water.

I drew this with my iPad using Paper by FiftyThree. This drawing was free-hand.

This an iPad drawing of the Panasonic Point-O-Matic is the sharpener that Mica likes. The lines in this sketch are based on the lines in a photo. There is some lens fish-eye effect that I would prefer to avoid.