About us

We are interested in art and engineering, and decided to make a podcast about it. We have day jobs:

  • Mica Thomas runs the Alembic guitar factory, where they make custom guitars.
  • Tom Anderson writes software and designs circuits for Keysight Technologies Laboratories.

Tom speaks for himself and does not represent Keysight Technologies or any other company. Tom blogs at Medium and Tempo Automation. He likes to draw pictures to illustrate his blog.

Our producer and editor is Suzanne Anderson.

This podcast is Copyrighted by Tom Anderson. As of now, there is no sponsorship for this podcast. If there are any advertisements on this podcast, we did not put them there, and do not receive any revenue from them.

Tom is @tomacorp on Twitter. Contact us via Twitter.

About Function

Engineering is a related to art, but it emphasizes function. That is, if the engineered thing doesn't work, maybe it could find some use as art, instead. A few things, like electric guitars, need to be both beautiful and functional.

There are a lot of tricks of the trade in engineering, and also art. Starting with good materials is one of them. On this podcast we talk about materials and tools, and how to use them for art and engineering.


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ART CAN ALTER YOUR MIND: By looking at or experiencing art, you can be irrevocably changed forever. You may lose preconceived notions. Your perception of the fabric of the universe may be disrupted. If this happens to you, DONT PANIC. Get some art supplies and start drawing. If you can capture what you are thinking, you may be able to adjust to a new life as an artist.